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Child Support Division 

IV-D Program Functions: 

There are five major program services in child support enforcement:  

  • Absent parent location (also known as Parent Locate)
  • Establishment of paternity
  • Establishment of support obligation, including medical support obligations
  • Collection and distribution of support payments, including spousal support in conjunction with child support order
  • Enforcement of support obligation, including medical and spousal

Support Enforcement Services are available for applicants who receive:  

  • AFDC
  • Foster Care cases, also known as IV-E cases (foster care cases in which the child received or may have been eligible for AFDC when he or she was judicially removed from the home)
  • Non-IV-E Medicaid, and
  • Non-AFDC Medicaid

The same services are also available to applicants who are not on any of the above forms of assistance and who pay a one-time $25.00 application fee. These cases are called non-AFDC cases. Additionally, a non-resident applicant who applies for services through the IV-D agency in his state is also eligible for assistance from the Louisiana IV-D Program. 

The following is a list of other remedies available to District Attorneys in establishing and collecting child support:  

  • Court ordered blood testing of alleged fathers
  • Income assignment in both interstate and intrastate cases
  • Federal tax refund offsets
  • Louisiana state tax refund offsets

Immediate income assignment orders are required on all new or modified orders for child support under La.R.S. 46:236.3; income can be assigned from: worker's compensation benefits, unemployment benefits, federal government employees, military personnel, unless it is protected by the Longshoreman's Act  

Please contact the Red River Parish District Attorney’s Child Support Division for questions concerning this division, phone (318) 932-4190, and fax (318) 932-7031.